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"...Deliver excellence, continuosly challenge the limits, respect the environment and grow in order to be recognized as international company. These are the four KERO values that drive us every day and that you will find and feel every time you enjoy a KERO device..." 

Deliver excellence 

No compromise on quality.

We pay high attention to the details, because each single pieces is foundamental to provide high quality. The suppliers are selected based on their knowledge, capacitiy and reliability. The control of materials is end-to-end and we pay attention from to their origin and how they are produced.

Continuosly challenge the limits 

Each decision at KERO is taken thinking to how we can move forward the technology limits, to develop the team knowledge and evolve ourself.

The customer and the user experience remain at the centre of the decisions, without compromise.

Respect for the environment

Preserve the World where we live as an imperative! How can we imagine to an amazing device without considering its impact on the environment. Materials and processes are designed to integrate environmental innovation. The use of plastic is close to zero. The suppliers are across the KERO laboratory in order to reduce the CO2 emission for transportation.

At the end of their life will be easy recycle our products.


Without preconcepts or legacy biases, KERO team is able to take fast decisions and implement the state of the art of technology, keeping the focus on the customers.

That allows the KERO team to develop and evolve the products and so grow in different sectors or markets.


KERO represents a frog in the japanese culture.

Frogs appear during the season of spring when the weather starts to get warmer and traditionally associated with new positive beginnings. 


Other meaning of the frog are: Evolution, Dreaming, Opportunity.


The KERO journey started in 2015 in Lugano (Switzerland), when the two founders initiated  to think to how build a music devices and found a company. At that time the streaming services were at the beginning 
and KERO team though to how participate in a concrete way to that digital and cultural revolution. Furthermore were been identify a lack in the electronic device field about the customization and the opportunity to use materials with great history behind.
So the team in 2016 designed and produced two different models of portable Hi-Res music players. In order to explore new materials, implement design elements, increase the customer engagement and build a complete home music machine, in 2017 KERO developed STILE-34, an amazing all-in-one masterpiece, fully customizable, with premium materials, 3 driver speakers and the ultimate connectivity as WiFi and Bluetooth.

The future of home music system begins just now!